2006 - 2007 Season News

Welcome Thomas Paulson

Absolute Skating is proud to present the website of the current vice champion of Great Britain. We invite you to take a look here

Some addition to the Europeans - Smiles and tears

Worlds may just have finished, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to say about past competitions. Read the special comments Helga has about visiting the European Championships in Warsaw here

Talking to Tugba

Before the World Championships started, Tugba took the time to answer some questions from Helga. Read here

Training with the best - Carolina Costner and Tomas Verner in Malmö, Sweden

The World Championships are upon us and to get ready Carolina Costner and Tomas Verner took the opportunity to come to Sweden. Besides serious, hard training there were some fun moments, catch it all here.


The Smint Gala - with and without Jenna

Fun figure skating performances, Smint candy, Kevin van der Perren, flowers, champagne and Jenna McCorkell; or in other words, read about our day in The Hague here!

It's about time, Kevin!

His next stop is Tokyo, he'll always have fond memories of Warsaw and his personal life isn't too shabby either. Meet Kevin van der Perren here.


Diane Towler - Where It All Began

Diane Towler talked to us about her competitive days in skating, her experience, her victories, her coaching and her kids. Read it all here.


Photoalbum: Nordic Champions 2007

Like already mentioned Emjo brought home photos from Finland as well. Enjoy them here!

Tomáš Verner: "I will learn another quad"

Newly crowned silver medallist Tomas still in his celebrating mood, talked to Titi about his feelings during the European Championships and more. Read here

The 2007 Nordic Championships

In spite of the cold weather forecast EMJO went to Helsinki, Finland, at the annual Nordic Championships and came home with photos, videos and this report.

And the winners are: Savchenko & Szolkowy!

The long Russian gold reign is broken and Aliona and Robin are the newly crowned European pair skating champions. Read more about them here

Brian Joubert: "I'm prouder of this victory"

Titanilla interviewed Brian after the men's competition ended. You can read his answers here.

A chat with the ladies

Read three of the ladies' thoughts after the competition here.

The heat is on - comments from the ladies

Interviews with the ladies after the short program and an update from Nora and Attila you can read here.

Some quotes of Original Dance & Men LP

Helga & Titanilla met with some more skaters. Check their comments out here.

Men's Short in Warsaw

More from the European Championships: Read men's comments after the short program.

The Golden Waltz of Warsaw

More from the European Championships: Read what some of the ice dancers had to say to Helga about their Compulsory Dance performance.

The European Championships 2007 Daily Photos

Many AS-crew members are in Warshaw and they will be doing their best to bring you as much coverage as possible. Keep an eye on Carolines daily selection of her excellent pics here!

Lina Johansson - back in business

Chatting over coffee and chocolate cake from Moscow and in between taking photos Emjo managed to ask Lina a few questions as well. Read this and watch these special pics here!

Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte
"We're a couple who wants to work"

AS reporter Maria talked to this lovely young Italian icedance couple in Moscow. Read more here.

The curse of the 2006 Grand Prix Final

The Grand Prix Final was the last major ISU competition of 2006. Do you want to know how the year ended? Celine's report will bring you the highlights of this event. Read it here.

Photoalbum: Skating Champions European Tour 2006

After the review here are Emjo's photos from the Tallinn show.

The Skating Champions show in Tallinn, Estonia

Margarita Drobiazko and Povilas Vanagas pulled off a successful tour in Europe. Here's a report from the sold out show in Tallinn.

The 2007 Swedish Nationals

The Swedish Nationals was an exciting event which resulted in new senior champions. Emjo and Magdalena attended and leave their report here.

Albena Denkova: "Now we enjoy every single practice!"

Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviyski recently won the Trophée Eric Bompard in Paris. Asli Motchane had a talk with Albena after the free dance. Read more here.

Skating Champions European Tour
The Chemnitz show

Emjo and Magdalena went to Chemnitz to see the show. They had a great time and tell you all about it here.


Photoalbum: Proximus Stars on Ice 2006

The so yearned for photos from the show are now right here!

PSOI 2006: From Mr. Sheffield to Mr. Shaggylicious, Extraordinary!

Do you want to know who our lord of the ice was? What a piano was doing on the ice? Or who the biggest flirt was?? Iow, read our show review here!

The Skating Champions European Tour 2006

Margarita Drobiazko & Povilas Vanagas and some of their friends are once again embarking on a European tour, now bigger and better than ever. And every city has guest stars, how about Alexei Yagudin, Navka & Kostomarov and Anisina & Peizerat? Check out the times and dates here.

PSOI 2006: Outside it's raining, but inside it's wet

Mireille and Titia are in Antwerp and they have written a first report for us. You can read it here.

Ice Symphony 2006, an exhilarating jubilee

It is time for Ice Symphony again and Maria was there to give us a very detailed report. Read all about it here and see how it differed from the spring show.

Photoalbum: Karl Schaefer Memorial 2006

Helga's photos from Karl Schaefer Memorial are available here for your enjoyement.

Did you win ????

The Absolute Skating/Proximus Stars on Ice game was a big success and we are very happy to announce the winners. If you entered it could be you, so check it out here

Skating in Norway - Michael Chrolenko

This young skater from Norway charmed himself into the hearts of our reporters. Will he do the same to you? Check it out!


Xtreme Skating Championship

Extreme Ice Skating Championship was more than just an athletic competition. It was a powerful blend of sports and show where adventurous contestants competed in impressing judges and the audience with the most unbelievable tricks. Read more about it here!

Photoalbum: Nebelhorn Trophy 2006

Helga Dobor went to Oberstdorf Germany and took pictures of parts of the competition. Enjoy those here!

Proximus Stars on Ice Press Conference 2006

News of this year's cast and more was served at the annual press conference with Kevin van der Perren. Absolute Skating's Mireille and Titia weren't about to miss it. They give you all the details here

Photoalbum: Super Match 2006

Emjo and Susanna travelled all the way to Korea to watch the Super match. Enjoy Emjo's gorgeous pics here!

Xtra photoalbum: Half a day at the Junior Grand Prix in the Hague

Daphne and Mireille unplanned visit to The JGP in The Hague, Thursday afternoon and evening, resulted in them watching and taking pics of the mens short and the first group of icedance od. Take a look at those here!

The Absolute Skating Proximus Stars on Ice game

Absolute Skating is proud to announce the first official confirmations of the Proximus Stars on Ice 2006 cast. Check this out and don't miss this chance to be a VIP guest and meet the cast skater of your choice!!! Or how about winning t-shirts, signed posters, mousemats and other goodies? Play the game here!


Kamila Hajkova & David Vincour - The promising skaters of Czech Republic

Kamilla & David, although being a young icedance couple, find themselves already having quite a fair share of fans. Helga caught up with them, right before their participation at the Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf. Read more here

Brian Orser - the show must go on (and on)

Brian Orser is always found in the middle of some exciting skating project, and this fall is no exception. Learn more about his busy schedule and involvement with the Proximus Stars on Ice here!

The new hope of Belgium - Ruben Blommaert

Young talent Ruben already has skated in the PSOI shows twice. Impressing us with his talent and charm both off and on the ice, Titia & Mireille had an entertaining talk with him about skating plans, flexibility, summercamps, fries & chocolatemilk...Read more here!

Coming up: The 2006 Proximus Stars on Ice in Antwerp

Absolute Skating kicks off the new skating season with an update on the Proximus Stars on Ice shows scheduled for November 18th and 19th in Antwerp, Belgium. Another amazing show in the working, find out more here!

Krisztina Czak├│: "Yes, the Hungarians are there, and they can skate"

Kristztina talks with Helga about life, figure skating and her life in figure skating. Read this in-depth talk here!

On MSN with Leonie Krail & Oscar Peter

A young icedance couple, two curious reporters, computers located in3 different countries, questions and answers, you can read everything about this evening here!

Celebrities on ice - a visit to a Swedish skating club

Before the Malmö ice rink closed for the summer, Michael Huth and Salomé Brunner paid a visit to work with skaters like Kristoffer Berntsson and Lina Johansson. Read the full story here!

Special series: "Talking to the Hungarian Team"

Adastra, Helga, & Kati spoke to many Hungarians involved in skating and AS will publish this special in separate blocks of interviews. This is the second series of 3 interviews, separated by a day in publication. Enjoy:
2.1 Zoltan Toth
2.2 Zsofia Kulcsar
2.3 Andras Szaraz

Flash update with Adrian Schultheiss

Some News about a Swedish Champion or How the Dentist Appointment Can Make Your Day. Natalia explains here!

Ice Fantillusion, a dream came through!

Kevin van der Perren had a dream to do Aladdin, it came true when he got to do it and it was a huge success. Read all about how this amazing show came to light AND watch the photoalbum here!

Ice Symphony 2006

Was there anybody not expecting a photoalbum from the show in Tallinn? Feast your eyes on them here!

Rose pudding and skating show in Tallinn

Emjo and Susanna show you around the beautiful city of Tallinn. They tell you all about the nice architecture and culinary highlights in town. And oh yeah, there was a skating show too.

Sweden's Adrian Schultheiss makes a mark

His first season as a senior had some ups and downs, but overall Adrian is happy as he could add several new medals to his collection. Learn more about this talented 17 year old Swede here

Photo album SOI Manchester

Did anybody really think she would go to Portland only? Think again, while watching Emjo's gorgeous pics here!

Stars on Ice 2006, Portland

Enjoy Emjos annual photoreport, with the promised extra photos of your choice Alexei Yagudin, here!

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