Flash update with Adrian Schultheiss

Some News about a Swedish Champion or How the Dentist Appointment Can Make Your Day


by Natalia
Photo by Emjo

Is it difficult to meet eligible skaters in real life? Not as difficult as you imagine. Not at all, if you live in Goteborg. While I was sitting in the waiting rum at the drop-in dentist center, a guy whom I immediately recognized came in. He was none less than the reigning national champion Adrian Schultheiss himself. So suddenly I had an opportunity to speak to him which I did while we were waiting and "looking forward" to the treatment. I simply introduced myself as a figure skating fan and active user of AS. Then we had a great conversation about... surprisingly figure skating. Anyway, here is what we were talking about.

About his coach. Adrian has a coach from Russia, Evgeni Loutkov. I asked if he is tough as Russian coaches usually are. Adrian answered that it can be tough sometimes but they have a good relationship. The most important thing is that his coach is a very good skating instructor.

About summer practice. There is actually not much practice in summer. Adrian had some very useful practice with Viktor Kudriavtsev, a well-known Russian coach. It was a good experience for him because Kudriavtsev cared about skaters and always wanted to help and teach them. He will also be practicing in Spain with Alexei Mishin. Evgeni Plushenko and Artur Gatchinski, a new Russian star, will be there too.

About the skating skills. Adrian has all the triples inclusive triple axel and he practices quadruple toeloop and flip. He also wants to skate more classically and he is working on it now.

About next season programs. He has already picked up music for the short program. It will be “the Moonlight sonata” in classic and techno mix.

About next season competitions. It will be two junior Grand Prix competitions and national championship. Sweden has only one place at Euros and Worlds so Adrian has to compete well to take that place.

Then unfortunately time was over and only thing still to do was to thank Adrian for giving AS some news and wish him good luck. I can tell you he is a kind person. His piercing makes him very cool and different. Well, I actually like it.
So the life is full of surprises and you bet that this unforgettable dentist appointment definitely made my day or maybe the whole week.

2006-06-05 Natalia


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