Edvin Marton: "We want to create something that has never been done before"


By Titanilla Bőd
Photos © Gabriella Kulcsár

Many skaters use his music but only one gets music composed especially for him. Together they celebrated an Olympic victory in Torino and now hope to repeat it in Vancouver. Evgeni Plushenko is coming back and Edvin Marton is creating new music for him.

As an artist, do you consider figure skating to be an art or a sport?

It is a sport, but also art in some ways. The programs are judged both for the technical part and for artistry. Everyone h as their own choreography, each skater tries to do something unique, so there is a large amount of artistry. I would say that figure skating is a sport with a high level of art in it.

What is it like to work with Evgeni Plushenko?

He contributes to the creating of the music itself. When he comes to my studio in Budapest, we focus all day to create something inimitable, something unique, something no one h as done before. It is very important for us to create something that h as never been done before.

Do you compose the music to fit certain movements, or is the music created first and Plushenko then makes up some suitable movements to go with it?

The two components are born at the same time. He starts to move with a certain rhythm while I play a melody. Once we find the suitable combination of the music and the movements we upgrade the melody with rhythms, grooves and effects.

Plushenko’s new long program is a tango. Whose idea w as that?

We were talking a lot about his new long program. I kept asking him what kind of music and dances he likes. He mentioned he loves the tango very much and it would fit his movements, his temper and personality. So I started to work on this new tango.

Can you also tell us what his new short program will be?

No, and I don’t think he knows either. But rest assure he will have a short program!

You perform together with Plushenko at gal as and shows. Do you also watch him in competitions?

Ah, yes and I'm so nervous! I can't watch it, I'd rather leave the room when he is skating. I feel the excitement within, but I also worry if everything will go right… I keep my fingers crossed for him, he deserves the victory because he h as such exceptional talent.

You can't watch him at competitions? So did you leave the rink in Torino at the Olympics before his program?

No, I stayed in my seat but closed my eyes… 

What do you think; does he have a chance to win again in Vancouver?

Absolutely! When I look at the others, I'm convinced about that. As I watched the other skaters l ast se ason, I realized that both technically and artistically he is still the best. There isn't anyone who could beat him.

Your music is very popular amongst athletes. Do you also work with some other skaters?

They often use my music, and not only skaters. At the Beijing Olympics the American synchronized swimming team used my music. My CD called Stradivarius is used widely, but I don't work with anyone else in terms of creating and cutting the music especially for the skater.

Your Stradivarius violin is wonderful. You probably have to take good care of it.

Sure, it is carried by two bodyguards to each show, separately from me. Of course I'm worried about it, every six months I take it to a m aster in Vienna, who checks if everything is all right with it. I have to care about the smallest details, for example what the temperature is in the suitc ase made especially for this violin.

Isn't the cold air above the ice bad for your violin?

No, because it's only in this cold air for a few minutes. I go out on the ice, play for a couple of minutes and then I can return it back to safety.


Evgeni Plushenko will debut his new LP on the King on Ice tour in Slovakia and Czech Republic – September 25 in Košice, 26 in Zvolen, 27 in Bratislava, 28 in Brno, October 6 in Pardubice, 8 in Ostrava and 9 in Prague. You can purchase tickets at ticketportal.sk and ticketportal.cz.

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