Kim Lucine: "I didn’t arrange the balloon!"

January 30, 2014
By Titanilla Bőd, Új Szó
Photos © Mireille Geurts, Daphne Heij

Hardly anyone would be able to tell in which place Kim Lucine of Monaco finished at the European Championships in Budapest (16th by the way), but everybody remembers his programs. His “Super Mario” program became even more memorable because of a floating balloon which timely appeared above the ice. The audience also loved his “Jungle Book” free skate – some spectators even started to dance in the stands! After the free program we asked Kim about his impressions of the Europeans and about the famous balloon.

Your programs might not be so strong in technique, but they are so funny that everyone remembers them.

When I came here, I hadn’t had a lot of practice, because I didn’t skate for a long time between Oberstdorf (the Nebelhorn Trophy) and here. So I came here and my goal was to have fun, to enjoy my program. I really didn’t try the hardest program; in Obertsdorf it was harder, with a triple-triple and the triple Axel. Here it was way easier, you can see it on the technical score, but I’ve never had such high components, so that was very good news. I’m pretty sure that people enjoyed it as much as I did, so I did my job. I did what I came for and I’m glad I took this decision.

Everyone is talking about the floating balloon which appeared above the ice during your Super Mario short program!

Yes, I know, but I’m not responsible for it. I didn’t arrange the balloon. I don’t know if it was luck – because it was weird, but it was also funny. It didn’t disturb me at all; it was just funny to play with it. But I didn’t plan it.

What did you think when you noticed it?

At first I thought it was a camera, because I was spinning and I could only see something black coming at me. So I thought it was the central camera. But then I realized it was a balloon and I thought: what the hell is up with that, and I went under it. It was such a surprise and everything went very fast. When I saw it was a balloon, it was already gone.

This season you went back to your Jungle Book free program. Why?

I didn’t really like the program I had last year. It was okay, but it wasn’t fun to do like the Jungle Book. I really enjoy skating to the Jungle Book and that’s why I decided to do two comic programs this year. I don’t know if it’s the best thing to do technically, but at least I’ll enjoy doing it.

Now, you are the funny boy of these Championships. Do you mind?

No, actually it was my goal! I did two comic programs so that people would laugh. It’s actually very good if they call me the funny boy. I was even invited to skate in the gala because of this!

What are your plans after the Europeans?

I have no idea. I will see what I’ll do.

How did you like the city of Budapest?

I liked it very much! We went sightseeing with my team leader on Friday, we saw pretty much everything, except the thermal baths, but we will go there on Sunday! It was very nice. It is a really nice capital city.

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