The Olympic Games 2014 - Ringing from Sochi

Sochi, Russia

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"To cover various angles on this very special - once in 4 years - event, we gathered for you photos from a photographer, a journalist, skaters and a visitor. This way you get to see skaters off ice, a peek 'behind the scenes', a glimpse of the other venues/sports, the extra events in the Olympic park etc.

Around the competition, watching practice, off ice, skaters posing etc. Photos by photographer Ludwig Welnicki: Offical site & Photobook for sale

A 'backstage peek'. Photos by skater Anya Davidovich: Read more about her and her previous partner here and her update on their split here.

Another 'backstage peek'. Photos by skater Meagan Duhamel: Official site with partner Eric Radford & our article published at the end of October

One more 'backstage peek'. Photos by skater Alexander Majorov: Offical site & our article about him for more photos (and stories)

A journalist's view into the Olympics. Photos by journalist Titanilla Bőd, stories and more photos in our article here.

The Olympic Park and more around (and in) the icerink. Photos by LMDJ, Oxana's Olympic experience, as written down in this article.