Some quotes of Original Dance & Men LP

By Helga Dobor and Titanilla Bod

Original dance:


Nóra Hoffmann, Attila Elek, Hungary

You got a personal best for this program, but you still study the monitor very carefully.
Nori: Yes, of course, it's the most exciting part of the competition! The points we get from the judges tells us which level we got.

Are you satisfied?
Nori: I think we skated very well, it was our best program this year. We are very happy and we enjoyed it very much. We skated first in the group which is not such a good thing... There is one criteria when you skate first – if you skate well, you are lucky, but if you skate poorly it's already over.

Do you like the tango?
Attila: Yes, we like it. And I think it suits both of us.
Nóri: However we don't have any Latin blood in us...

How will you prepare for the free dance?
Attila: I think the same way as we did before. We will have a practice session tomorrow morning too.
Nóri: But we have a good tactic. We need to skate beautifully but not push. Morozov send us to the ice with this sentence: Before the step sequence don't push, because you won't have enough space, after the step sequences, don't push because you won't have enough space, at the spin don't push because you won't have enough space, at the end you can push. I said, ok, super, we won't be tired then. But it really can't be any other way...
Attila: None of the step sequences fit in this rink...
Nóri: But tomorrow we will have one more practice, and we will check everything again, like where we get dangerously close to the board. That's the only major stress over us now.

And what is your expectation now?
Nóri: We would be very happy to keep our 7th place, but we wouldn't be sad if we only finished 8th.

*Update: Attila had an accident at practice this morning, broke his left ankle and therefore the couple is forced to withdraw. We wish you a speedy recovery Attila!


Zsuzsanna Nagy, György Elek

What do you think of your original dance?

Zsuzsi: The ice wasn't as good as yesterday, but luckily we skated well, we did everything we could so we are very happy now. It seems we have moved up a place - or more, we're not exactly sure.

Do you like the tango?

Gyuri: Yes, I like it.
Zsuzsi: Yes, it is a very characteristic dance, we like it and it suits us well. And I like the red rouge.

How do you prepare for the free dance?

Zsuzsi: I think we will skip the practice this evening because it's in the practice rink, and that rink is smaller. The rink size matters to how we plan our step sequence, so we will practice tomorrow morning only.
Gyuri: And we already practiced the free program.

Massimo Scali, Italy

What do you think of your original dance?
We are quite happy because we skated pretty good, almost clean. We just got some low levels we didn't expect, especially on the side by side step sequences, we got level two. I don't know but it felt pretty good, we will see tomorrow. Now we have all the preparations down, it's ok, everything is done and we're ready!

Men Long Program

Igor Matsipura, Slovakia


What do you think of your program?
Igor: It was much better than yesterday, I was more focused

Was it your best free program performance this year?
Igor: Yes. It was the best one.


Moris Pfeifhofer:

Are you satisfied with your result?
Moris: Yes, I'm happy with this placing. My program wasn't perfect, but I expected it, because I'm not in a real fit shape, so for my long program it's ok.

For your first Europeans it's great, congratulations once again!


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