A chat with the ladies

By Helga Dobor and Titanilla Bod

The excitement at Europeans continued in the ladies competition. Three of the ladies comment on their performances.


Ladies Free Program:


Viktoria Pavuk, Hungary (finished 18th)

What do you think about your free skate?

I fell on the Salchow but I’m satisfied with the rest, because I did it well.

How did it feel to skate first in the field?

I’m always more nervous when skating first, and the warm up is also more energetic. I have less time to rest. But it’s also part of this sport. On the other hand, I’m already used to skating first and at least it’s over quickly. 

If you are nervous, what can calm you down?

My stuffed toy, a mouse called Elemer, “who” has been with me at every competition since I was very young. And now that I’m coached by my sister, she’s the one who gives me the spirit. 

By the way, what’s it like to be coached by your sister?

At first we had some difficulties, but by now we get along so well. We didn’t argue, but at first it was weird that my sister is my coach. I didn’t listen to her at first and she was also a bit shy to give me advice. The beginning of the summer was a bit more difficult, but luckily it turned out to be a fruitful cooperation. But at home we also talk about other things, not only about figure skating. 

In general, are you satisfied with your performances in Warsaw?

Yes, although it could have been better. But overall I’m satisfied.


Radka Bártová, Slovakia (finished 23rd)

How was your free skate?

It wasn’t so good. I made a mistake on the Salchow and the loop. It was hard to skate today.  

Was it because of nervousness?

No, I wasn’t nervous, but my legs were tired. 

How do you feel now, after your first major competition?

It’s completely different from the junior competition. It was super to be here with such stars. 

What are your next goals?

I will train for the Worlds. And I will do my best to have better performances there.


Júlia Sebestyén, Hungary (finished 9th)

How has the competition been for you?

I was in really good shape, I felt ok and I so wanted to show what I can do. I knew this was my possibility, I knew I had in me what it would take. I did so well at Nationals and at the previous competitions. That’s life, but I never give up. I hope the time will come when I can show what I can do. And I already did well at previous competition. But I wasn’t so lucky to go out first in my group. I felt a bit tired during the warm-up, and it would have been good to rest a bit – so this draw wasn’t too good for me. But I don’t know why I couldn’t make it work.

We’ve already seen what you can do, many times! We now keep our fingers crossed that you can show everyone at Worlds what you‘re capable of.

Good luck, Júlia!


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