Kevin & Jenna, can you please stop making us cry?


Text and Photos © Mireille Geurts & Titia Tolsma

“Relieved”. That is what most skaters of the Ice Fantillusion World Celebration Show answer us if we ask them right after the show how they feel. It’s very clear that everybody is happy and more than satisfied with the result. Months of preparation and practising, last minute changes and stress have been worth all the effort it took. If all the happy faces and the very obvious glowing didn’t tell us enough, perhaps the people falling into our arms did. It was one big eruption of emotions, even for us, we both went teary eyed after each show. Kevin, Jenna & the rest of the cast, can you please stop making us cry?

Because yes, that is really what the show did, twice even! Maybe partly because we also have been walking around in the icerink the past days and witnessed all the stress and last arrangments, but mostly because of the excellence of the show, the fabulous, near perfected imagination, and the very emotional performance of it all. It’s like spending hours on end in an unbelievable fairytale. In fact, several fairytales, as the skaters take you through so many worlds, from the desert to the jungle, from below the sea to outer space. Excellent skating and choreography, combined with gorgeous costumes and decors and absolute beautiful music. If we didn’t already know before, this show is a must-see for all skating fans and beyond.

The basic cast got accompanied by some gueststars from England, the Towler-Green Twins and their partners, yes Jenna’s friends and some of Kevins, who happened to have participated in the Belgian/Dutch Dancing on Ice TV-show. These performances are perfectly fitted in between the actual story told and spice up the show for the audience just a tad more.
Do we have any comments on it? Yeah, we wish we could see it again and again and again. This was just not enough.

We got so many stories of those days to tell, and so much images to show you, and will do that of course, but we wanted to bring to you a first glance into the show as soon as possible. So enjoy the first photos!

And if you are in the opportunity/vicinity of Hasselt, Belgium next weekend (May 19&20) please take our word for it, get tickets <<here>> this is a must see !!

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