Synchronized Skating World Championships 2008 - Quick quotes from Budapest

Short programs

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- List follows the starting order

Sweden 2 – Boomerang

“It was really funny and very exciting to be the first today (the first competitors), actually the whole program is our favourite and don’t have only one favourite. We had some mistakes at the beginning but before the short program we weren’t afraid of it at all”

(10th in the short)

Russia 1 – Paradise

“We are satisfied with our short program, also with the results. We have nothing special planned for tomorrow, just usual – practice. First we do the elements separately than the whole program. Our favourite element is definitely the spin!”

(11th in the short)

Austria – Sweet Mozart

“It was really good, I’m satisfied” said the coach. “It was really fine. The block was really good! And there was no element they were afraid of, the team is excellent! “

(18th in the short)

Hungary – Passion

“It was really a very good feeling to skate at home! Actually during the program we didn’t have time to pay attention to the spectators, but at the end, while we were waiting for the results it was really a good feeling. Yes, the spectators definitely helped us. Our program was better before.”

(14th in the short)

Sweden 1 – Surprise

“I always say that it is possible to make it better. But it was good. We got fewer points for two elements than we expected.” Says the coach, Andrea Dohány. “I wouldn’t say anything about which position we would reach at the end of the short. The results in this sport cannot be counted on. It depends on the other teams. In every element there are some risks. A hard step or the transition.”

(1st in the short)

Russia 2 – Tatarstan

“We felt ok on the ice, it was fine. We think it was a successful program, we are satisfied.”

On the trainer’s first words after the short program: “She said it had been good work, a good program. Everything had been perfect.”

“Our favourite element is definitely the spin”

(8th in the short)

Italy – Hot Shivers

“Our short program was pretty good. We were very nervous while we waited for the results. When we got to know the points we thought that we had expected a little bit more. But it was okay.”

“We love the moves in the field, because it’s nice, fast and we know it’s good.”

(12th in the short)

Japan – Tokyo Women’s College of P.E. Club

“I think that the skaters were happy to receive the audience’s cheers. That gave energy. Well, the skaters really liked the music but it is not easy to skate to it” (Book of Days, Enya) said the coach, Omori Lanako.

“Of course I’m not satisfied. We took part in other international competitions this year, and we got really different points there. We want to find the answer to the question: Why? For tomorrow we just want to do our best”

(17th in the short)

Czech Republic – Olympia

“I’m not really satisfied. It’s not what we expected on the basis of our earlier results in this season. Maybe our wheel was our best element today, so I agree with the judges” said the coach, Kathy Hammond.

(16th in the short)

Canada 2 – Les Supremes

“It was our personal best short program, so we are really happy! There was nothing we were afraid of by the end of the season - everything is so automatic. We do the same thing on the ice what we do during the training. Of course at every competition it’s a bit special as well. We focus on our feeling on the ice, and to do a really good show. We would like to be happy and proud on the ice” said the team leader.

(5th in the short)

Finland 1 – Rockettes

“We felt really nice on the ice. The audience was really supporting, it was almost like at home! Our favourite element is the first block, and also the wheels at the end of the program. We like the block because we feel that it is really strong in the program. The interpretation and the expression are also strong.”

(2nd in the short)

Canada 1 – Nexxice

“The team looked very composed so I was really pleased” said the coach, Shelley Barnett.

“We have to work to make a perfect program for tomorrow and also hope to stay in the top groups. And than tomorrow we hope that we’ll skate our best, and give the best performance”

(4th in the short)

Australia - Fire on Ice

“The skaters did their best” commented Madonna Randall, their coach.

(19th in the short)

Great Britain – Storm

“It was really nice to be on ice, but hot” – laughs – “The atmosphere was good. We were nervous while waiting for the results, after getting them we were rather a bit disappointed, but never mind! We have to practice a lot!”

(21st in the short)

Finland 2 – Marigold

“I think we did a very good program. I’m wondering on the scores because the technical points are a bit low. I hope that it will be enough for the gold. There wasn’t any element we were afraid of - maybe with intersections we had some problems but not really. Tomorrow we will try to do our best, I hope that will be really enough for the gold.”

(3rd in the short)

France – Atlantides France

“We were afraid of the block, because someone has fallen in the morning so we were afraid of doing the same thing again. Our favourite element is the move in the field, because it is really beautiful and there is emotion in that.”

On the first words of their coach after the short program:

“That was good. You did a really good job!”

(15th in the short)

USA 1 – Haydenettes

“We had one big mistake. But the elements were okay. We are proud that the presentation was really nice. It is really hard to say anything now about the scores - the judges are doing their jo.b”

(6th in the short)

USA 2 – Miami University

“We were very pleased on the ice. And it was very exciting. We are satisfied with the results; of course we always would like to improve. Our favourite elements is the lift, it should be very exciting in the long program.”

(7th in the short)

Germany – Team Berlin 1

“They had some mistakes, a skater has fallen but they skated nice. I’m quite satisfied with the results. And tomorrow we want to be better.” said the coach, Andreas Fischer.

(9th in the short)

Serbia – Ice Cubes Mladost

“We felt very good on the ice. The audience was excellent and they really supported us! This was our first world championships. The team is very young so we came to learn. We knew that we wouldn’t have a very good result, but we really had given everything we knew. We are satisfied with the results, these are not the best scores but they are okay. We would like to show everybody that there is synchronized skating in Serbia as well. This is the most important thing.”

(22nd in the short)

Switzerland – Starlight

“We just wanted to skate a nice program. Our main goal is move up. We couldn’t give our best today so we will try to do our best tomorrow.” Was Sybille Huber’s opinion

(13th in the short)

Croatia – Zagreb Snowflakes

“It was really great to be on the ice, the atmosphere was great, the audience really supported us and we were happy to see a lot of spectators from Croatia as well. Our favourite element is the spin because we move so nicely and the music is also the strongest there. We are not satisfied with the technical scores - our aim is to skate better tomorrow and maybe go up with some places.”

(20th in the short)


Results after the short program:

  1. Team Sweden 1
  2. Team Finland 1
  3. Team Finland 2
  4. Team Canada 1
  5. Team Canada 2
  6. Team United States of America 1
  7. Team United States of America 2
  8. Team Russia 1
  9. Team Germany
  10. Team Sweden 2
  11. Team Russia 2
  12. Team Italy
  13. Team Switzerland
  14. Team Hungary
  15. Team France
  16. Team Czech Republic
  17. Team Japan
  18. Team Austria
  19. Team Australia
  20. Team Croatia
  21. Team Great Britain
  22. Team Serbia
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