Synchronized Skating World Championships 2008 - Quick quotes from Budapest

Long programs

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- List follows the starting order


Great Britain – Storm

“It was great to be on ice, but hot!

We trained a lot, we made all the elements then we put the program together. Possibly our best element in this program was the wheel, so we agree with the judges.”

(21st in the long, 21st final)

Croatia – Zagreb Snowflakes

“We liked doing our program. We did our best here. This was the best free skating this year. Probably our best element was the circle in this program, also the spins, and the wheel” – laughs. “We felt really good on the ice - we are glad that we had two good programs, not just one.”

(20th in the long, 20th final)

Serbia – Ice Cubes Mladost

“It was pretty good to be on the ice. We really like this program and this music, too. We didn’t just pretend that we were happy, because we really enjoyed the program. This year is our last competition season so we really wanted to give the best.”

On their opinion about which program was better:

“I think this program was much better. We felt freer than yesterday. Yesterday we were afraid because this was our first world championships.”

(22nd in the long, 22nd final)

Austria – Sweet Mozart

“We are satisfied with the program, we had one fall but it was not so bad. So all in all we are satisfied. We defended our position. It was a good job from the girls.” said the team leader, Carmen Kiefer.

“The first wheel and the move on ISOL were the best elements in this free program, so I agree with the judges” stated the coach, Andrea Sommerfeldt.

(18th in the long, 18th final)

France – Atlantides France

“We enjoyed this program better than the short. We had nothing to lose today, we were just happy to skate. We were better today.”

On the trainer’s word before the program:

“She said just to have fun. This is the last competition this year so just do what you have to do here!”

“While we are in the program we don’t hear anything. We are like in a bubble. But before and after heard that they really support us. So it was good to run in Hungary. We really had good world championships here. The organization was all right. But fortunately we didn’t finish here, tomorrow we are going to take a trip, till now we haven’t seen anything but the rink and the hotel” – laughs.

(16th in the long and 16th final)

Japan – Tokyo Women’s College of P.E. Club

“I’m satisfied. Sadly the short program was too bad but this was perfect. We want to continue with a good program in the next season. This time we really studied a lot.” said the coach, Omori Lanako.

“We were afraid of the wheel because half of the skaters are beginners” said the team.

“Actually, one of the members joined us 10 days before the world championships. She was a single figure skater before.” added the coach

“We really enjoyed the time here in Budapest. We had a Hungarian friend in Budapest so he guided us around”

(17th in the long, 17th final)

Czech Republic – Olympia

“We had a really good skate today. We are really happy with it. This program was better for us, because we skated clean, while yesterday we had a fall. We are satisfied with the program. We will see how the other teams skate because the scores were very close to each other. But no matter what the result is, we feel good because we skated well.”

On the trainer’s reaction after the program:

“She was crying happy tears”

(14th in the long, 15th final)

Italy – Hot Shivers

“It was very-very-very good to be on the ice” laughs the team captain.

“The last part was our favourite where the music gets faster and the expression is stronger and everybody claps. We would be happy with a 12th place. But if we would reach 10th place we would be extremely happy”

(10th in the long, 11th final)

Russia 2 – Tatarstan

“It was good to be on the ice. Your country is very warm to us!”

On choosing a Hungarian music for the free skating:

“This is your national dance, it is very impressive. We are happy to skate to that music!”

(12th in the long, 10th final)

Hungary – Passion

“It was extremely good to be on the ice. We just said to each other that this day we should enjoy the results of the last 10 month’s work. We tried to enjoy the gift we were given with having these world championships at home. During the program we also feel that the audience is around us, and they are with us. It was a really very good feeling. Of course during the program this is not the most important, we have to concentrate on the skating.”

On the strength of the team:

“It is definitely the uniformity. And also that everybody enjoyed the program. The rank or the scores are not the most important things; we came because we like this sport. Of course we would have been happier if we had 2 perfect days, but I’m satisfied. Hungarian team has never reached such a good result before. And I would like to say thank you to everybody who came here and who supported our work during the whole year.”

(13th in the long, 14th final)

Germany – Team Berlin 1

“I’m satisfied with the team, but not with the scores. But we are very proud of course. It’s very hard to say anything now what we would expect. Three teams are very close to each other”

On their favourite part of the program:

“I think our favourite part is our costume” shelaughs. “Anyway it fits to the music and to the program. We enjoyed skating this program”

(7th in the long, 7th final)

USA 2 – Miami University

“We are very pleased to be on the ice. We gave so much energy in it. We are satisfied, we can be happy, as it is a good end for this season. In the free program we could show our energy, but the two programs are very different, we cannot compare them.”

On what the trainer said right before the program:

“She told us how she believed in us and how proud she was of us.”

(9th in the long, 9th final)

USA 1 – Haydenettes

“We really focused on the program. We had small problems but really small ones, so it was a pretty good skate. We enjoyed the free program more. It was filled with a lot of fun. We knew that it was our last competition for this season, so we felt free. Our favourite was probably the beginning, it is really strong, there’s a lot of energy in it. We had a team meeting yesterday where the trainers said that the day after would be a new day, they asked us not to look back and forget about everything, do our best on Saturday, during the free program”

(3rd in the long, 5th final)

Russia 1 – Paradise

“I’m satisfied, there were some mistakes in the program, someone fall as well, but this happened accidentally, this wasn’t a technical fault. The free skating was better for us. But I don’t agree with the scores, and I cannot understand them” said the coach, Elmira Mazitova.

(8th in the long, 8th final)


Canada 1 – Nexxice

“It was great and nice to be on the ice, a lot of colours everywhere…

Our favourite element in this program was the circle and the line. We had a team meeting yesterday and we prepared mentally also. We always want to go forward. We are a very good group.”

On what the trainer said right before the program:

“Have fun!”

(4th in the long, 3rd final)

Finland 1 – Rockettes

“It was amazing to skate here in Hungary, I think we did our best, and that is what we wanted to do. We only went to skate for us, to enjoy skating…

The whole program is our favourite or probably the wheel at the end of the program. The audience was awesome and amazing here in Hungary. We have a big funny group here.”

(1st in the long, 1st final)

Sweden 1 – Surprise

“I’m absolutely not satisfied. Even not with the scores. I want to see our program later on video to analyze. I could not see the Team Finland 1 but I think that our group is technically better. We didn’t get the level scores even for 3-4 elements. I can not understand why. But I will check it on the video again.” said the coach, Andrea Dohány.

On how the girls feel now:

“They are really disappointed. They worked a lot!”

(2nd in the long, 2nd final)

Canada 2 – Les Supremes

“We are super happy. Yesterday we did our personal best, and for our free program we have also the best scores. We wanted to perform an amazing show, that’s why we came here. We run at the end, so we could not see all the teams, but we know Finland 1 and Sweden 1 are the best. And the other team of Canada is very happy with their 3rd place, and so are we…”

(6th in the long, 6th final)

Finland 2 – Marigold

“We are very disappointed. We went for the gold, yesterday we finished in the 3rd place and today we did a really good performance. We did not make any big mistakes. But the technical scores were not enough today for the gold.”

On what the coach told before the program:

“ That we can get the gold…”

(5th in the long, 4th final)

Long Program Results:

  1. Team Finland 1
  2. Team Sweden 1
  3. Team United States of America 1
  4. Team Canada 1
  5. Team Finland 2
  6. Team Canada 2
  7. Team Germany
  8. Team Russia 1
  9. Team United States of America 2
  10. Team Italy
  11. Team Switzerland
  12. Team Russia 2
  13. Team Hungary
  14. Team Czech Republic
  15. Team Sweden 2
  16. Team France
  17. Team Japan
  18. Team Austria
  19. Team Australia
  20. Team Croatia
  21. Team Great Britain
  22. Team Serbia

Australia - Fire on Ice
(19th in the long, 19th final)
Switzerland – Starlight
(11th in the long, 12th final)
Sweden 2 – Boomerang
(15th at the long, 13th final)


Final results:

  1. Team Finland 1 FIN 210.48 2
  2. Team Sweden 1 SWE 205.71 1
  3. Team Canada 1 CAN 198.81 4
  4. Team Finland 2 FIN 198.03 3
  5. Team United States of America 1 USA 195.87 6
  6. Team Canada 2 CAN 188.59 5
  7. Team Germany GER 171.52 9
  8. Team Russia 1 RUS 169.75 8
  9. Team United States of America 2 USA 168.04 7
  10. Team Russia 2 RUS 147.42 11
  11. Team Italy ITA 146.24 12
  12. Team Switzerland SUI 140.65 13
  13. Team Sweden 2 SWE 138.65 10
  14. Team Hungary HUN 134.50 14
  15. Team Czech Republic CZE 130.45 16
  16. Team France FRA 126.19 15
  17. Team Japan JPN 117.69 17
  18. Team Austria AUT 104.11 18
  19. Team Australia AUS 97.19 19
  20. Team Croatia CRO 96.63 20
  21. Team Great Britain GBR 78.76 21
  22. Team Serbia SRB 64.77 22


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